Construction Crew Errors When Directing Traffic in Road Work Zones

We have all driven through construction zones that limit the flow of traffic. Whether a two-lane road narrows down to one lane, or traffic traveling opposing directions must share a single lane, there are risks that come with diverting traffic from its usual path. In many situations, road crews are responsible for informing drivers of upcoming shifts in the road and properly directing traffic to prevent accidents.

Unfortunately, road construction workers might not follow the rules and fail to adhere to safety standards, which can cause drivers to crash. If you think that your accident and injuries happened because a construction crew did not do its job directing traffic, you should speak with an experienced Salina car accident lawyer about your rights.

Directing Traffic through Work Zones

There are rules to protect both construction workers from negligent drivers. There are many laws and safety rules for people driving through road work zones who are also at higher risk to crash. The traffic might shift suddenly, as drivers react based on their expectations. Signs must be obvious and easy to understand. How traffic is regulated is governed by laws and accepted safety rules.

Construction crews often direct traffic in different ways, including:

The above should all work to ensure that drivers make it safely through construction without crashing.

Liability for Road Work Zone Crashes

Construction crews can make many mistakes that cause crashes due to improperly directed traffic. These include:

When road crews make errors directing traffic, and it results in a crash, the company leading the construction project and employing that crew should be liable. This might include private construction companies contracted for the project, or even the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

Filing claims against large construction companies can be challenging, as these companies will try to avoid liability whenever they can. In addition, the Kansas Tort Claims Act sets out special rules for bringing claims against government agencies, such as KDOT. We have handled cases against large construction companies and KDOT.

To win, you must be able to prove that crew members were negligent, which can include violating safety rules and regulations. It is critical to have a highly experienced personal injury handling your case from beginning to the end.

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