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Traffic deaths are preventable

Traffic deaths are preventable Don’t drink and drive, buckle up, and leave cellphone alone. If you’re going to drive, please do so safely. According to the Kansas Department of Transportation, 307 people had been killed on Kansas roads this year as of last week—a 16 percent increase over the number killed by that time a […]

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Obtaining Compensation for Injuries Sustained in a Car Crash

Obtaining Compensation for Injuries Sustained in a Car Crash Avoidable accidents cause many crashes and injuries. Thousands of Kansas residents are injured in car accidentscaused by negligent or reckless driving every year. Sustaining an injury in a car crash can take a devastating emotional, physical, and financial toll on injured parties and their families. But you […]

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Dangers of Backing

Dangers of Backing Backing Up -Avoidable Accidents Lack of Attention. Distraction. Killers. Many times drivers who are in a hurry just whip out of their driveway or parking spot without even looking. This is increasingly common with drivers who are familiar with their surroundings, i.e., their driveway. The problem is that there might be someone […]

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