Types of Car and Truck Accidents

Knowing the most common types of vehicle accidents and how they often occur can help you in seeking damages for your injuries.

Car and truck accidents are complex events, which can often be attributed to several causes. For injured victims, the type of motor vehicle accident you are involved in often provides clues to whom can be held liable for the damages you suffer in a claim.

The Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Kansas

According to crash reports from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KSDOT), more than 60,000 car accidents occur throughout the state each year, resulting in nearly 20,000 injuries to drivers and passengers and causing over 350 deaths. Among the most common types of collisions include:

Common Types of Truck Accidents

In addition to the damages and injuries caused by car accidents, KSDOT reports that more than 30,000 truck accidents occur throughout the state each year. Considering the massive size and bulk of tractor trailers, semi trucks, and other big rigs, it is often motor vehicle drivers who suffer the most serious injuries in these crashes.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), dangerous driving behaviors, poor truck maintenance, and improper trucking company practices are often to blame for these crashes. Among the most common types of truck collisions include:

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