Our Verdicts and Settlements:

$1,700,000 Court Judgment
$1,200,000 Product defect verdict
$850,000 Trucking collision; arm de-gloving injury
$657,948 Fen-Phen drug
$550,000 Bad fence; cow / auto collision /wrongful death
$450,000 Auto / Wrongful Death
$350,000 Trucking /elderly couple
$350,000 Sued trucking company for an elderly couple near Washington Ks.
$300,000 Defective porch, steps and railing
$300,000 WC Fatality, Won Trial Court Award & Appeal
$300,000 Awarded in a Wakefield Death case, WC trial and Board Appeal
$250,000 Workers Compensation / Death
$250,000 Trucking/Car
$250,000 Bennington trucking case
$250,000 WC death case, Kinsley – established no heart attack through coroner testimony.
$245,000 Power of Attorney abuse
$240,000 Truck Injury
$230,000 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning / Brain Injury
$210,000 Farm Implement burn injury
$190,000 Work Comp Death
$160,000 Multiple leg fractures
$150,000 Nursing Home Negligence
$150,000 Auto
$125,000 Defective Farm Equipment
$115,000 Auto / Multiple Fractures
$106,000 Crushed foot at department store
$105,000 Battery at residential institution
$100,000 Auto / Spinal Injuries
$100,000 Auto / Pedestrian

We accept and have won a variety of cases for these clients:

  • 3 Wesleyan students hurt in a roll-over car wreck in South Dakota, back and spinal cord injuries and a fatality.
  • A woman with catastrophic medical expenses after run over by boyfriend’s wrecker.
  • A family following a fatality, when a cow got out of an old fence onto the highway.
  • A trucker who died from fatigue and exhaustion in Arkansas, causing diabetic ketoacidosis.
  • A delivery man who fell into a rusty manhole behind a grocery store.
  • A woman whose husband was beaten and killed by 4 teens.
  • A rancher who was sprayed by gas from his lawnmower and burned.
  • A family after a farm tenant tried to abuse his Power of Attorney to convert assets.
  • A woman who died in a nursing home from failure to assess her Coumadin after a fall.
  • Salina cab driver stabbed by passenger -100,000 in medical bills paid, new dentures, glass eye, and lifetime wage recovery.
  • A woman shot in the eye by a pellet gun.
  • A shaken baby, who had brain injuries from day-care negligence.
  • A woman who fell from a porch with no railing- substantial medical & nursing homes bills.
  • A farmer run over by a semi-truck while pulling a trailer.
  • A client referred to us by a Western Kansas law firm received over $650,000.
  • We woman suffering carbon monoxide poisoning from roofing negligence.
  • We settled a premises liability claim for near 6 figures.
  • 3 clients with separate pharmacy claims.
  • 2 Farmer’s with a seed fitness case.
  • Kansas clients with Vioxx, Fen-phen, Medtronic heart wire lead, and asbestosis cases.
  • Multiple clients in 2 bus cases.
  • Baby battered and hurt by child abuse.
  • Multiple harassment claims.
  • A minor child get benefits recovered and managed in trust, following father’s 100 foot fall.
  • Family who lost their daughter and a man who lost his fiancé’ and his unborn child, when a woman hit them head-on on the interstate.
  • A farmer whose tractor fell through old bridge that collapsed during flood in Lincoln.
  • A woman who lost her leg from necrotic bed sore in nursing home negligence case in SE Ks.
  • A girl whose benefits were lost, and recovered in Errors and Omission case against a Coop.
  • More than50 families who had a family member suffer from traumatic brain injury.
  • Several children in a large estate -Lost Will situation.
  • Several Fen-phen claimants against the American Home Products Trust.

We continue to work on a variety of matters to help our clients and their families get back on their feet. We also help recover insurance money to help families pay medical bills, liens and lost wages. Past successes are not necessarily an indicator of future success, but may illustrate the abilities and experience of our firm. This website does not create a legal relationship or pretend to give legal advice, but contact us and see if we can help you.

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