Salina Wrongful Death Claim Attorneys

For almost 40 years, we have helped families find justice for those who have died due to the negligence of another.

When someone dies due to the fault of another person or large corporation, the survivors or heirs of the deceased may have standing to bring a wrongful death claim. This type of civil lawsuit allows the deceased’s loved ones to receive monetary compensation for some of the losses they have sustained. This can include lost wages of the deceased, lost companionship, and funeral expenses. No amount of money can ever come close to making a family whole again after the devastating loss of a loved one, but the compensation you can receive in a wrongful death claim can help ease the financial burden that losing a treasured family member can leave.

At Neustrom & Associates, we have served families who have lost a loved one to the negligence of another since 1979. With over 3,000 successful injury and death cases, we know what it takes to find justice for those who have suffered incomprehensible losses. Trust us to fight for your legal rights.

What happens in a wrongful death claim?

In a wrongful death action, a person has died due to the legal fault of another person. These claims involve all types of fatal accidents from car accidents, to complicated nursing home, or product liability cases. A person, company, or governmental agency can be legally at fault for acting negligently and for acting intentionally.  Negligence exists when the person or entity fails to act as a reasonable person would have acted.

A wrongful death claim may be filed by a family member, heir, or legal representative on behalf of the survivors who suffer damage from the decedent’s death. The representative may be the executor of the decedent’s estate, the spouse, or a child. They bring the action on behalf of all the heirs at law.

Wrongful death lawsuits can be brought against a wide variety of persons, companies, government agencies, and employees who have caused harm. For example, a wrongful death action might include defendants such as:

Additionally, the parents of a deceased fetus, if the baby was viable at the time of death, may be able to bring a wrongful death suit as well.

We help families heal after the death of a loved one by protecting their legal rights.

Wrongful death claims can be very complex and there is a lot on the line because the damages are always so devastating. Nothing is harder than losing a loved one. The trusted attorneys at Neustrom & Associates can advise you if you have a right to bring a wrongful death claim.  Additionally, we will be straightforward in telling you if you have a good, legitimate case on your hands.  We will also evaluate who is entitled to share in any monetary recovery under Kansas law.  Contact the trusted Kansas wrongful death attorneys at Neustrom & Associates today for you free case evaluation.