Dangers of Backing

Backing Up -Avoidable Accidents

Lack of Attention. Distraction. Killers. Many times drivers who are in a hurry just whip out of their driveway or parking spot without even looking. This is increasingly common with drivers who are familiar with their surroundings, i.e., their driveway. The problem is that there might be someone behind you and by not taking the time to look, you may cost someone their life. Some drivers also simply aren’t paying attention, they go through the motions of looking at their mirrors, but because they’re distracted by either their phone or something else, they continue to back up without even realizing anyone is there. Don’t drive distracted. TAke the time to be safe for those around you. You don’t want to find us by accident. Call Neustrom & Associates if you have been hurt by a car or truck backing unsafely.