Neustrom & Associates Testimonials

May 17 2020 “Exceptionally friendly, caring and knowledgeable”
Exceptionally friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff from day one. Organized and thorough, SUPERB EXCELLENCE!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
Polly N.

September 2020 “They Absolutely Did Not Disappoint”
Neustrom and Associates! I am so grateful for this experienced team! They kept me informed. They worked with integrity. I could let them do what they do best so I could just focus on healing from my injuries. They absolutely did not disappoint! (I am speechless with gratitude.That is the highest praise I can give.)
JZ Lindsborg

September 2020 “Took The Bull By The Horns”
I almost said you “took the bull by the horns” but that might have insulted THE BULL attorney firm that advertises so aggressively on TV. LOL

Thank you again so very much! It has been so good to have this personal connection with you. Especially in such times . .



August 2020 “I appreciate what you have done”
You don’t need to ride a bull or do commercials to get things done! Congratulations on a job well done!
My sister did her research then encouraged me to agree to engage your services. I did hesitate, but only for a moment.
At the time, I was not prepared to do anything that would be taxing on the little energy I had. Going forward with Neustrom and Associates was the smartest thing I could have done. Not only that, the energy I was concerned about did not come into play. You and your staff did ALL of the hard work.
Thank you for today’s good news. I appreciate what you have done for Chello and me. I hope to hear from you again soon.
P.S. Thanks for doing my Will also.


June 2020 “You did not disappoint”
I was completely surprised at the good news you relayed to me earlier this afternoon regarding my accident claim. My expectation to collect any compensation was low; however, my expectation for you and your staff to do everything possible on my behalf was high. You did not disappoint.
Thank you for your dedication to my accident claim. I appreciate you and your diligent attention that created this positive outcome.
Neustrom and Associates is high on my list!

Thank you for your follow-up good news! I was at a loss for words when I talked with Pat.

This good result is due, in part, for the excellent job you did on my behalf. You clearly relayed pertinent information as it became necessary. Thank you so much, Carmen for your diligent work. I appreciate it and you so much.

You’re right, Pat. Carmen is the definition of what ‘customer service’ means as she follows your lead to deliver. – CP


September 2019 “Dedication, Knowledge, Caring People”
I was involved in a car wreck a couple years ago. The insurance would not pay for my medical bills and physical therapy. So after a while I got ahold of Neustrom & Associates. I met with the lawyer, Pat Neustrom to see what he could do. If you want someone to fight for your case and has had years of experience I would definitely recommend this firm. They have an amazing settlement for you. If you want dedication, knowledge, caring people this is the firm to call – VK


August 2019 “He did wonders.”
Pat Neustrom was my attorney for my car accident and he did wonders. I call him my Father in the law side of things. His staff is amazing and very helpful. If you need help and don’t know what to do, come talk to Pat. He is amazing! – JN


June 4, 2014 “Above and beyond.”
Mr. Neustrom, I want to thank you for treating Amy so well. She really appreciates and respects you. You almost made her change professions so she could work with you! I feel you went above and beyond in the generosity you have extended to her. I am very proud of her.


March 15, 2017 “Kept well informed.”
I tripped and fell in front of a Salina store and hurt my jaw and lost my two front teeth. I was so concerned I would not be able to afford a dentist. I called Neustrom & Associates and Pat Neustrom and his staff took excellent care of me. He took pictures of a missing sign post in front of the store the same day I called him. We were able to prove there were no warning signs or cones place around the missing sign post. He got the owner’s insurance company to pay for all of my dental bills and also negotiated a very nice settlement with the store for me. I was kept well informed by his office so I always knew what was going on. I am very glad I called Neustrom & Associates and would highly recommend them. Carole


October 3, 2016 “Help us make a difference.”
Father died from dehydration in a nursing home. I needed someone local to investigate what happened to my Dad. I got recommendations to call Neustrom & Associates. Patrik was great to work with especially since we did it across states.  He always listened to what we had to say and gave us his professional opinion.  He did what was best for our family and didn’t try to get us to do something we weren’t comfortable with to benefit himself.  Cathy was also great to work with.  They were both patient and compassionate.  It was nice to have people who believed that our Dad was treated unjustly and help us make a difference.
I hope this will work for a testimonial.  Thanks again! S.C.


On Thursday, January 5, 2017 9:24 AM,
“One of my best friends is a court reporter who works with top trial attorneys around the state of Kansas. I asked her who could help my family with a wrongful death case in Manhattan. She immediately recommended Pat Neustrom of Salina. My mother was struck by a car in a church parking lot. The police thought she fell in front of the car, but through detailed investigation of 911 tapes and interviewing witnesses the police had not found, Pat was able to show the insurance company for the driver that they should pay — and they did! Pat was very detailed and professional. Not only did he win the settlement for us, but he also dealt with facets of my mother’s death that finalized her estate with Medicare and the State of Kansas. He also took care of numerous details that we never would have thought of doing. Pat and his staff, especially Cathy, went far above and beyond our expectations! We would highly recommend Pat and his Law Firm to everyone.” – Gaylen and Annette Johnson


We wish to express our appreciation for the excellent service and hard work on my difficult case that you gave me as my attorney. I am quite satisfied with the settlement. My health was not at its best but thanks to your expert ability to make the case go smoothly for me. I am fortunate to have found you Pat, and your hard working staff right here in Salina.

Dan and Berta Moss


I give Pat my highest recommendation

A personal friend

Successfully confronted the insurance company

Successfully met and overcame every challenge

Advice that is reasoned, reliable

Informed strategies


Treated me as a person

Worked for me with a sense of urgency

Sincerely -S



You asked how I picked you. First I prayed, when I landed on your web site I went through it carefully. You have a top rating, you give to charity and churches and I assumed you were a Christian.

I really thank you for your time and my wife really liked what you said about wrestling with skunks.

Once again, thank you so much and may our Lord bless you and yours. He is risen. In Him.    Rev. Doc Herder   April 2015

November 9, 2010

Thank you so much for your good work and kind sensitivity in representing my son after he was hit by an automobile. We were all distraught by the seriousness of his injury and recovery period. In addition, our son felt badgered by the other insurance company. Once you were on the case, we had no worries and our son was able to complete his rehabilitation without distraction. Our family was surprised by the favorable settlement. You did a wonderful job and we are so grateful.

Warmest regards,

Richard W.  Burnett


I will always refer friends to you and you will always be my favorite. You are great and my only KS connection.

Best wishes as always!–We think the world of you.



Hi Pat.  I wanted to thank you again for not giving up on my case and all the work you did so I can enjoy this settlement.  It all seems unreal to me.  When we first started and as time went by, I didn’t think we had much of a chance for only small change ~ but a little over a half a million!  Thank you so much.


P.S.  Dear Cathy, thank you for always taking my calls.  Your kindness and consideration on the phone meant a lot to me.  May God Bless You Both!


Thank you for the gracious note and for sharing your knowledge and skills with our students and members of our local legal community. I learned a lot from you and I hope to visit Salina and continue the dialog and friendship that this visit began.

I also enjoyed experiencing the closeness that lawyers such as you, Ron, and Todd share. This sense of community is very important to a healthy profession.

Let us stay in touch.


Mike Kaye

Professor of Law, Washburn University