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There are inherent dangers when transporting any type of vehicle, which can make serious truck accidents and injuries more likely to occur.

Cars, motorcycles, boats, and other types of vehicles are generally shipped in from manufacturing regions via flatbeds, cargo carriers, and other types of vehicle transporters. As Salina sits at the junction of two major interstates, it is not uncommon for residents to have to share the road with these massive machines. Unfortunately, there is little room for error, both in loading and in operations. When accidents do occur, the injuries can be severe. At Neustrom & Associates, our Salina personal injury attorneys protect your rights to compensation, helping you hold drivers and the companies they work for liable for the damages you suffer.

We Defend Your Rights in Truck Accidents Involving Vehicle Transporters

Have you ever shared the road with an auto transport truck, in which dozens of vehicles seemed to be loosely attached to a trailer? While you may be inclined to reassure yourself that drivers know what they are doing and that the vehicles being hauled are secure, the fact is that these types of trucks are involved in numerous accidents each day.

According to statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), close to 1,500 auto transporter truck accidents occur each year. These figures do not include all the other types of vehicles being transported in either open air or closed cargo carriers, which represent more than 10% of all truck traffic on the roads each year.

When truck accidents do occur, it is often other drivers who suffer the most serious harm. At Neustrom & Associates, our Salina vehicle transport truck accident attorneys defend the rights of motorists seeking compensation in these cases.

We Help You Get Compensation for Your Injuries reports that there are several types of trucks used in vehicle transport, with each presenting certain risks:

When accidents do happen, Neustrom & Associates can help you in holding both the driver and the trucking company they work for responsible for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages you suffer.

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