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Motorcycles have a right to be on the road just like any other vehicle. Cars and trucks, however, often fail to give them their full rights which include maintaining a safe driving distance from them and always checking blind spots to verify their presence. This frequently leads to motorcycle accidents, which is unfortunate because motorcyclists lack the protections and safety features of a car leading to severe injuries.

Since 1979, Neustrom & Associates has represented the injured. You can count on our firm’s knowledge and experience with Kansas motorcycle accident laws and collisions. We have experience with motorcycle jury trials, mediations and settlements involving severe motorcycle injuries. This is experience you can count on.

Kansas Motorcycle Laws

Kansas has laws in place that attempt to protect those operating motorcycles. Bikers have the right to a full lane of traffic, just as any other vehicle on the road. One of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents are other drivers who do not recognize this right.  Motorcycles frequently get cut off or someone merges into their lane. These kind of negligent actions lead to motorcycle accidents. Drivers who fail to give motorcycles their full rights on the road are liable for the damages a motorcycle operator incurs as a result of their negligence.

Anyone riding or operating a motorcycle who is under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet and eye protection. This helps a biker’s ability to see and avoid some dangers. Yet the fact that motorcycles lack the safety and protective features of a car make operators extremely vulnerable and susceptible to severe injuries if involved in a motor vehicle crash.

Personal injury actions involving motorcycles require a specialized knowledge of the laws surrounding motorcycles. The duties of drivers and riders go to fundamental legal questions such as, what are the Rules of the road, and “Who is liable for paying your damages?”

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