Is It Possible To Sue for My Traumatic Brain Injury in Kansas?

The brain is the body’s most important–and perhaps most vulnerable–organ. The brain controls everything from thinking to emotion, memory to language and more. Which is why when a person suffers a blow or other injury to the head the results can be so devastating.

At the law offices of Neustrom & Associates, we have seen the effect that traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have on an individual’s life. If you have suffered a TBI due to another’s negligence, our lawyers want to help you understand your right to file a lawsuit and recover compensation for your losses.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

A TBI is a result of a blow or other injury to the head/brain, such as the head being shaken rapidly back and forth or the skull and the brain being punctured by an object. As such, a person may suffer a TBI as a result of a number of different accident types, including:


The above list is not inclusive. While the accident types listed above are all very different, they share one thing in common: They are almost always the result of one party’s negligence.

The Effects of a TBI

The effects of a TBI can be disabling and long-term. Some of the most jarring effects include problems with memory, language, and cognition. In severe cases, movement and sensation may be affected as well, and a person may lose their ability to perform self-care, perform their job, or care for others in their life.

One side effect of a TBI that is quite common, but often overlooked, is the emotional effect. A TBI can result in significant behavioral and emotional changes, including mood swings and angry outbursts, depression, and inappropriate and impulsive behavior. This can limit a person’s ability to function in social settings, and may also result in a diminished quality of relationships.

Do I Have a Right to Sue?

After a TBI, you may suffer both economic and noneconomic damages, and be at a loss as to how to move forward. If your TBI would not have occurred but for the negligent actions of another party, you can file a lawsuit to recover compensation. In order to win your suit, you will need to prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care, that the duty of care was breached, and that the breach was the direct cause of your TBI. You will also need to substantiate the extent of damages you have suffered, and be sure to file your suit within two years of suffering the TBI.

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