Can a Drone Help My PI Case?

You have likely heard the distinct buzzing noise and noticed a drone flying somewhere nearby. These remote-controlled devices are useful in many industries, including military operations, mapping, real estate, farming, and many more. Did you know that some people benefit from the use of drones following an accident and injuries?

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Gathering Evidence with Drones

In some injury insurance claims, liability is clear and undisputed. This might be the case if a drunk driver was arrested for DUI after causing a crash, or a truck driver was well beyond hours of service restrictions, and an in-truck camera caught the driver falling asleep at the wheel. However, in other claims, an insurance company and the policyholder might dispute liability, which requires the claimant to provide sufficient evidence to prove the policyholder should be liable for the accident and resulting losses.

Gathering evidence can be difficult at a car accident scene, as many small details might be important to prove liability. However, police officers often want to clear the scene and resume normal traffic activity as soon as possible, which can make the time-consuming evidence-gathering process challenging or impossible. Some police departments have started using drones to record the scene before they clear it, which can help with accident reconstruction and identifying liability at a later date.

In addition, some personal injury law firms have started using drones in different capacities to help their clients. If a lawyer or accident reconstruction expert gets to the scene fast enough, they might use a drone to record evidence that will soon disappear, such as tire marks, knocked-down signs, and other circumstances created by the crash.

Injury attorneys also know the importance of giving insurance adjusters or jury members a complete picture of what happened and how the accident occurred. Drone footage can provide a direct visual of where the accident happened and the surroundings that might have played a role in the crash.

While drones can play different roles in a personal injury case, attorneys are finding that drone footage can enhance a claim and the ability of insurers or juries to interact directly with the location of an accident and injuries. The role of this technology will likely continue to increase as we find more opportunities for drones to help with the personal injury claim process.

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