Damages a Pedestrian Can Claim in an Accident

About 137,000 pedestrians sustained injuries in traffic accidents in a recent year in the United States, and many of these injuries were severe. Medical treatment for injuries can be costly, and injured pedestrians can also incur many other losses.

If someone else caused your pedestrian accident, that party should be liable for covering all of your medical expenses and other losses. When you file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, you seek a certain amount of damages, which is monetary compensation for your losses. But what damages can you claim?

The best way to know what damages are available in your case is to have an experienced Salina pedestrian accident lawyer review the situation.

A person hit by a car or truck can claim Personal Injury Protection benefits from the driver’s car insurance company. You may have uninsured or underinsured rights for additional benefits on your own car insurance policy if limits are low or non-existent. There may be liens and subrogation interests to determine, before calculating net damages you may receive.

The following are some examples of damages that injured pedestrians commonly claim. Call Neustrom & Associates, PA.

Medical Costs

This type of damages is usually expected following an accident, though damages for medical expenses can be more complicated than you might think. First, you can seek compensation for all the medical bills you already incurred, which might be for:

If you can present bills for your past treatment, proving these damages is fairly straightforward.

However, what if your serious injuries will require continued treatment in the future? Many people cannot wait until their treatment is over to file a claim, especially if they will need life-long care. Instead, your attorney can seek help from medical experts and other professionals who can estimate the costs of your future treatment. It is important to include future costs in your damage claim.

Lost Income

Injuries can keep you out of work for some time, and this can mean losing income. If you use up all your paid leave – or do not have paid leave at all – you might miss out on wages if your injuries keep you home. You can seek damages for lost income by submitting your pay statements and other employment records.

You should be able to recover for the following if you would have received it while working:

If you cannot return to work or need to find a less intensive job, you can seek damages for your future lost earning ability.

Noneconomic Damages

Not all damages are directly tied to money. Injuries can cause many non-financial issues for accident victims, including:

If you experienced any of the above stemming from your pedestrian injuries, you can seek damages for these intangible losses. These intangible losses are difficult to calculate and prove, and you want the help of a trusted injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

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