Was Your Motorcycle Accident Caused by Road Construction Debris?

Anyone who lives in or around the Salina area knows that road construction is a fact of life. With numerous construction zones in the area at almost any given time, it is important for drivers to know how to safely navigate these road zones. This is especially important for motorcyclists since injuries from motorcycle crashes can be particularly severe.

Sometimes, no matter how safe and careful a motorcyclist is, there are circumstances beyond their control that can result in an accident. One of these is debris or objects left in the roadway, which is common in and around construction sites.

Hitting Road Construction Debris

Construction crews put themselves at risk so we can have new, improved, and maintained roads in the Salina area. However, these road workers also have duties to clean up after themselves properly and not leave vehicles or items in the road that can cause drivers to crash. Unfortunately, debris can be left behind and create obstacles for motorists, and some debris can include:

Some types of debris can be difficult to see or notice until you are very close. Motorcyclists might not see an object left in the road until it is too late for them to stop in time. There are only a couple of options for motorcyclists in this situation:

Both of these scenarios have the potential to cause severe injuries to motorcyclists.

Construction Company Liability

If you suffer injuries because road crews left debris in the road, you deserve to obtain compensation for your medical bills and other losses. When construction workers are negligent and leave objects in the road, their employers can be held liable for the workers’ negligence and harm that resulted. Injured motorcyclists can file insurance claims against the responsible construction company, which is not a simple process.

In some cases, a road worker might be an independent contractor, and there might not be an easily identifiable company to hold accountable. In this situation, it is critical to have an experienced personal injury lawyer evaluating your best options for relief and recovery.

Once you identify the liable parties, you want a trusted attorney to prepare and file the necessary insurance claims. These companies and their insurers know how to play hardball when it comes to compensating accident victims, and the right attorney can protect your rights.

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