Why Vehicle Ejections Happen

Cars and SUVs now come stocked with a variety of safety features, but, airbags and other features help very little if a person is ejected from their vehicle. Vehicle ejections are extremely dangerous and often deadly.

Reasons for Ejections

Seat Belt

One of a seat belt’s main functions is to keep occupants inside the vehicle when a crash occurs. Yet if the roof crushes, the seat belt may loosen and the force of an impact might be enough to send them forward through the windshield.

Rollover Crashes

Vehicles can roll over for many reasons, including collisions, moving sideward and athe tires get deformed; slipping off the shoulder edge and not being able to return to the highway defective tires and more.

Faulty Vehicle Parts

When a seat belt is faulty, it can easily come undone due to an impact, leaving you without the necessary restraint. Faulty door latches can also malfunction, eliminating that barrier between you and the outside of your vehicle.

Recovering for Your Damages

Ejection injuries are life-threatening costly and cause lifetime harm. We review crashes frequently to determine if the harm was caused by the fault of another driver, manufacturer or third party and if they should be held fully liable for your losses. You should speak with an attorney who can determine the proper insurance claims to file against liable parties.

Many people think that if they were not wearing a seat belt, they cannot recover. This is not the case. Kansas does not allow fault to be compared for someone who does not wear their belt, and the damages with the belt can also be catastrophic. Highway drop offs can be due to county or state fault. Even if you were not buckled in, you certainly may be able to hold a negligent driver responsible.

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