How Effective Are Pedestrian Detection Systems?

Technology is constantly evolving, and we now wear mini-computers on our wrists and have electronic home assistants that control our lights and thermostats from afar. When it comes to motor vehicles, the technology race also applies, and manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo one another with in-vehicle tech systems. In recent years, the focus has largely been on technology that aims to increase safety and prevent accidents. One popular system that is advertised by several manufacturers is the pedestrian detection system.

Pedestrian detection systems aim to detect when someone is walking in front of the vehicle and engage the brakes if the driver fails to do so. With driver distraction levels only increasing in the United States, having technology that keeps you from hitting a pedestrian can be highly beneficial – both for the pedestrian to avoid serious injuries and for the driver to avoid liability. However, how safe is it to rely on these systems? Do they work well enough to protect pedestrians?

AAA Report on Detection Systems

The American Automobile Association (AAA) tested out the pedestrian detection systems on four popular vehicles:

The study involved having a dummy move in front of the vehicles to determine the effectiveness of the braking systems when it comes to pedestrians. While the technology worked well under ideal conditions, these systems started to fail when the following were true:

The problem is that the large majority of pedestrian accidents occur after the sun goes down. In addition, the most severe injuries happen when a car is moving faster or when the pedestrian is smaller. For these reasons, the potential flaws with pedestrian detection systems are particularly troubling.

Drivers Are Liable

Drivers should never assume that pedestrian detection technology will automatically prevent collisions. Every driver should understand that they still need to pay close attention to the road at all times, as well as follow all traffic signals, yield requirements, and other rules of the road. If a driver is negligent, and the pedestrian detection system fails to stop the vehicle, the driver should still be held liable for all of the injuries and losses sustained by the pedestrian. Both parties may have a claim against the car manufacturer, but that is very difficult to pursue, without catastrophic damages, due to the expense of bringing the claim.

If you are a pedestrian who suffered serious injuries when you were hit by a vehicle, your first call should be to an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Salina. You should have the right legal representation throughout the insurance claim process, and in case you need to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

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