Are Dash Cams Worth It?

After a car accident, you may know that someone else was at fault, but the insurance company or court will not simply accept your word on the matter. Instead, you must present enough evidence to prove that another party should be held liable for the accident and all of your losses. Keeping this in mind, many people have installed dash cams on their vehicles to record what happens in the event of a crash or road rage incident. Many people wonder, however, whether having a dash cam is worth the cost and effort?

How Dash Cams Work

While different models of dash cams can vary with how they work specifically, the point of all dash cams is to record video (and sometimes audio) of what happens in front of the vehicle. You can download videos you want to save from the dash cam but, otherwise, the cam will record over previous video in the future. Some dash cams also have GPS, which can record your speed prior to an accident and show the exact location of your vehicle.

These devices have become relatively inexpensive, costing from $30 for a non-commercial dash cam up to $500 for a professional-grade cam for police cars or commercial trucks. Some upkeep can be involved, especially if you want to download certain videos to preserve them.

How a Dash Cam Might Help in an Accident Claim

When there are no surveillance video cameras in the vicinity of a crash and no witnesses stop, it can be your word against the other driver’s when it is time to determine liability. In many cases, you might get a portion of the blame and lose out on compensation when, in reality, you did nothing wrong.

When you can present a straightforward video to the insurance company that shows another person’s misconduct, it can bolster your claims of liability. Some situations in which a dash cam may help include:

A dash cam can also work against you, however, if you did something to cause an accident. If you have a dash cam, always drive carefully and within the law to protect yourself.

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