Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries

The brain is one of the body’s most important organs, responsible for communication between the body, the thinking and processing of information, speech and language, memory, reason and logic, emotion, and countless other tasks. As such, when the brain is injured, the results can be catastrophic and life-changing for a person, potentially affecting their ability to perform their job, manage their emotions, control their body, learn new information, and more.

While the brain is both strongly protected by a thick skull, and highly resilient in that it is impacted, every year, there are thousands of people throughout the United States who are hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and countless victims who suffered injuries that are considered severe, and that may never heal.

At the law offices of Neustrom & Associates, our experienced traumatic brain injury attorneys understand that if you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, you are probably scared about what the future holds. While we cannot promise healing, we can promise to work hard on your behalf to recover a settlement that fully compensates you for your economic and noneconomic harm.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain is impacted with force, shaken rapidly, suffers a direct blow, is deprived of oxygen, or is penetrated. There are multiple different types of brain injuries, including concussions, contusions, coup-contrecoup injuries, diffuse axonal injuries, acquired brain injuries (anoxia and hypoxia), and penetration injuries. It is difficult to say which of these brain injuries types is the most serious; each has the potential to be life-changing, or even fatal. These traumatic brain injury types can happen as a result of numerous accidents, including:

All too often, TBIs and TBI-causing accidents occur as a result of negligence. If your TBI was sustained due to the negligence of another party, you have the right to bring a lawsuit for damages.

You Deserve to Be Fully Compensated for Your Losses

At the law offices of Neustrom & Associates, our attorneys believe that you deserve to be fully compensated for your losses. Traumatic brain injuries can result in high medical bills for a person, the inability to return to work and therefore lost wages, the necessity of long-term or in-home medical care, and other economic costs/losses – we fight for your right to recover the full value of these losses. Further, traumatic brain injuries also impact a person physically and emotionally, and can cause pain, suffering, emotional distress, damage to intimate relationships, impaired parenting abilities, and more. We work hard to make sure you are compensated for these noneconomic losses too.

In order to improve your chances of recovering your full compensation amount, we make sure that we always:

Our Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Have the Track Record You’re Looking for

Following a serious TBI that leaves you or a family member with disability and losses, you need to hire an attorney that is both experienced and compassionate. At the offices of Neustrom & Associates, we have what you are looking for, including 90 years of combined experience, and success in over 3,000 cases. We are highly trusted and respected by our community, and have received multiple state and national recognitions for our superior legal services. We also offer personalized services that focus on you – when you hire our law firm, you will always be our top priority.

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