Truck Driver Fatigue: A Major Factor in Large Truck Crashes

Operating a motor vehicle after not getting enough sleep is dangerous for every person on the road. Not only are truck drivers at an increased risk of drowsy driving, but when truck drivers do operate their vehicles while fatigued and an accident occurs as a result, the repercussions can be devastating.

Why Fatigued Driving Is Dangerous

Fatigued driving continues to be a major cause of large truck accidents every year. To be sure, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that in one data analysis report, driver fatigue contributed to 13% of large truck crashes.

Drowsy driving is considered to be just as dangerous as drunk driving, with the AAA Foundation reporting the crash risk significantly increases when drivers suffer from missing even one or two hours of sleep from the recommended amount per night. Truck drivers may be special risk because may they not only get a few hours of sleep per night that is necessary (often in an effort to get to required location as quickly as possible) but they may also be at risk from suffering from sleep inertia. As explained by the FMCSA, sleep inertia is the first hour after waking, and can affect short-term memory, cognition, reaction time, and the ability to resist falling back asleep.

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident Caused by Drowsy Driving?

If a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel, or is so drowsy that they are unable to operate their vehicle safely, leading to a crash, who is at fault and who is liable for damages suffered by other parties involved? While the truck driver may be the one who caused the crash, the company for which the driver is employed is to blame when the truck driver is an employee that was operating with their normal job duties at the time of the crash. The company has additional fault if they failed to take action to ensure that the driver was operating within the hours of service requirements, or turned a blind eye to false log books.

Our Attorneys Are Here to Help

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