A Defective Tire May Be The Cause of a Single-Vehicle Accident

Cars roll. Newspapers describe over-correcting and end with a statement about seat belt…what is the rest of the story? In some cases tires are to blame…

Tire failures resulting from loss of tread or a blowout can cause a vehicle to go out of control, often with disastrous and tragic results. An automobile suffering tire failure may leave the roadway, roll over, or cross into other lanes of traffic causing serious injury or even death to vehicle occupants and other motorists.

Annually, more than 11,000 injuries and 400 deaths are linked to tire failure. Your client may have a product liability claim if a defective tire is to blame for their accident. If you have a client who has suffered serious personal injury, or who lost a loved one, as a result of a defective tire, we want to talk to you. Call Pat Neustrom at 785-825-1505.