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On the job Accidents can Result in Devastating Injuries.

We know being injured on the job can be especially stressful and traumatic because it is your livelihood. You will start to think about who will pay for your injuries and if you will be able to miss work to recover. If you have to miss work, you will wonder about compensation for lost income. Medical expenses begin piling up quickly. Put all of this on top of suffering through the pain of your injury and we know you have a very difficult situation on your hands. We have been there before, alongside of our clients. The workers’ compensation injury attorneys at Neustrom & Associates are here to help you. Find out if we can help you navigate the workers’ compensation system so you can focus on getting better and supporting yourself and your family.

What Are Some of the Most Common Workplace Accidents That Result in Injury?

Workplace injuries happen across all industries. No job position is immune from the possibility that a workplace accident will occur resulting in injury. The most common workplace injuries are generally sustained in jobs requiring heavy labor or the operation of heavy machinery such as construction and manufacturing work. I have done this work. Some of the most common workplace accidents include:

What Are Some of the Most Common Injuries Sustained in Workplace Accidents?

We have experience helping Kansans who have suffered injuries, like those listed below. Workers compensation should cover a wide range of workplace injuries you may suffer, including:

No matter the injury, our job is to help you recover the workers’ compensation you deserve.

Injured workers rely on workers’ compensation benefits. Actually, you have paid for it with your hard work. Health insurance may not cover work injuries. Workers compensation benefits should cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Unfortunately, these much needed benefits can be extremely difficult to access. The workers’ compensation system is not very worker friendly considering it is in place to protect workers. The dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys at Neustrom & Associates are here to fight for your right to workers’ compensation.