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Mishaps, Slips, Bites, and Hazards

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An owner of property, business, homeowner, tenant, or landlord must be responsible to keep their premises reasonably safe for expected uses. If there is a dangerous condition on the property, their is a duty to warn others about the harm.

If you are injured as the result of some hazard or dangerous condition, such as slippery floor, icy walking surface, uneven sidewalk, broken or uneven steps, stairs without a handrail, or other dangerous condition, it is likely that the person responsible for the property should have either fixed the safety hazard or at least warned you of the dangerous hazard. To keep all of us safe, it is important to hold people accountable when they break the safety laws and rules.

If you have a question bout your rights, or if you might have a case, please contact us to let us talk about your situation. Find out your rights and options.

Sometimes these accidents occur at businesses or homes of persons that are friends or family. Because of this people are nervous about calling an attorney because they don’t want to sue someone they know well or family.

We can determine if insurance is available to help pay your medical bills or wage loss. We can evaluate if you have a legitimate claim. We buy insurance to protect ourselves and our loved ones. so use it. It is unlikely they will pay out of their personal funds any settlement or court judgment. To learn more about your rights and why claims help keep us all safe, please see the common Q and A portion of the website.


An owner of a dog or most any other animal under their care has a responsibility to know the temperament of the animal.  If the dog has bitten anyone prior or acted aggressively the law imparts the owner with a duty to use that knowledge to take reasonable precautions to protect persons around the dog.  This obligation is especially true if the animal is permitted around children, who are inherently unpredictable and unable to fully understand how their conduct might provoke an animal.

If you or a love one have been bitten, attacked, or injured as the result of a dog, cat or other animal, the owner of the animal is likely at fault and liable for any injuries you suffered as a result, such as lost wages, medical bills and possibly compensation for any physical scars resulting from your injury.

Please give us to discuss the circumstances of your injuries and we can let you know whether you have a case.